5 recommended tourist attractions in Switzerland

<strong>5 recommended tourist attractions in Switzerland</strong>
<strong>5 recommended tourist attractions in Switzerland</strong>


Switzerland is a beautiful country that has many tourist attractions. The Matterhorn, Geneva and Zermatt are just some of the most popular destinations in Switzerland. Here is a list of my favorite things to do when visiting this country:

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is a mountain in the Swiss Alps and the highest peak in the Alps. It’s also one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist attractions.

The mountain was first climbed by Louismachine (a French mountaineer) on July 14th, 1865. Since then, more than 3 million people have visited this mountain to climb it or take a tour around it!

If you’re looking for something fun to do while visiting Switzerland, check out what else they offer there: skiing at their ski resort or hiking along one of their trails!

The Jungfraujoch

The Jungfraujoch is a mountain pass that connects the Bernese Oberland with Valais, Switzerland. It’s so high that it’s actually called a “Jungfrau,” meaning “young woman” in German.

The pass is accessed by taking a train up to Aletsch Glacier and then hiking or skiing down its southern side. You can also drive your own car up through Grindelwald if you have one—that route takes about 30 minutes from Interlaken town center (you’ll have to park at one of several nearby hotels).

The best time for visiting this scenic place is between May and October—the summer months offer plenty of sunshine, while winter months offer less snow on top of mountains but still make for some stunning views!

The Berner Oberland Railway

The Berner Oberland Railway is a mountain railway in the Swiss Alps, connecting Engelberg and Davos. It is the highest standard gauge railway in the world and has a total length of 1,143 km (745 mi).

The Berner Oberland Railway was opened on 10 June 1891 as part of what was then called “the Simplon Tunnel” project; this included two other railways: the Gotthard Pass Railway and the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. Today they are both owned by SBB CFF FFS (Swiss Federal Railways), but they operate independently from each other today.

Geneva, the City of Lights

  • Geneva, the City of Lights
  • The history of Geneva is one to be reckoned with. It was once a fortified city that housed several important political figures including William Tell and Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, you can still see some of these historical buildings such as Sion Cathedral and Place du Mame; however, if you are looking for more modern architecture then head over to Quartier des Nations where there are many beautiful buildings that have been built recently after WWII ended in 1945!
  • If you love art then this place is perfect for your visit because there are so many museums around town! Some good ones include: Musee d’Histoire Naturelle de Genève (MNHN), Musée d’Art Moderne de Genève (MAMG), Art Brut Contemporary Art Museum…and much more!
  • There’s also plenty going on during summertime like free concerts at Parc des Bastions or outdoor movie screenings under the stars at Place Saint-Pierre which means they’re great places if you want something fun while visiting Geneva

Zermatt, a mountain town in the Alps

Zermatt, a mountain town in the Alps, is one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s also one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for something more relaxing than Geneva or Zurich.

Zermatt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its skiing facilities and views of Mount Pilatus and Lake Brienz to the east; and towards Aletsch Abbey (which was built around 1130) on its western side. The town offers numerous activities such as hiking trails through forests or along lakeshores (including some with views over Zermatt), downhill skiing at Verbier ski resort nearby, horseback riding near Stalden Castle (a medieval castle dating back centuries), ice skating at Schynige Platte glacier lagoon across from town center along with many other outdoor pursuits like camping trips out into nearby mountainside valleys where there are no buildings except one small chapel dedicated exclusively toward worshiping God while being surrounded by nothing but nature itself!

Switzerland is beautiful and has many tourist activities.

Switzerland is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. It’s also a good place to visit, and it’s safe for you to live there.


If you are planning to visit Switzerland, then you should definitely add these attractions to your bucket list. It is a beautiful country with lots of things to do and see. You can also enjoy some of the best hiking trails in Europe at this place.

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